Huddle Up
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Huddle Up
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Card Text:
Assist <i>(Another player can pay up to 2 of this spell's cost.)</i>
Two target players each draw a card.
Flavor Text:
"Are you sure this is going to work?" asked Will.
"No," said Rowan. "But if it does, it's going to be spectacular."
Card Number:
6/8/2018 You can't target the same player twice to have them draw two cards.
6/8/2018 You may reveal a card with assist and discuss how to pay for it before you begin to cast the spell. Targets are chosen for that spell before you choose another player to help you pay for it and before that player has committed any mana to doing so.
6/8/2018 Only the generic mana portion of a spell's cost can be paid with assist. Any colored mana costs must be paid by the spell's controller, even if the assisting player paid mana of that color.
6/8/2018 If an effect allows a player to cast a spell spending mana "as though it were mana of any color" or "of any type," that player must still pay for the colored mana in that spell's total cost. That cost doesn't become generic.
6/8/2018 Assist allows another player to pay for any amount of generic mana. If an effect changes the cost of the spell, the amount that player may pay will be more or less than the amount in the spell's reminder text.
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