Arconte del triunvirato
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Card Name:
Archon of the Triumvirate
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Creature — Archon
Card Text:
Whenever Archon of the Triumvirate attacks, detain up to two target nonland permanents your opponents control. <i>(Until your next turn, those permanents can't attack or block and their activated abilities can't be activated.)</i>
4 / 5
All Sets:
Return to Ravnica (Rare)
Guild Kit: Azorius (Rare)
Card Number:
10/1/2012 The two nonland permanents can be controlled by the same opponent or by different opponents.
10/1/2012 The nonland permanents will be detained before blockers are chosen. Notably, a creature detained this way can't block before it is detained.
4/15/2013 Activated abilities include a colon and are written in the form “[cost]: [effect].” No one can activate any activated abilities, including mana abilities, of a detained permanent.
4/15/2013 The static abilities of a detained permanent still apply. The triggered abilities of a detained permanent can still trigger.
4/15/2013 If a creature is already attacking or blocking when it's detained, it won't be removed from combat. It will continue to attack or block.
4/15/2013 If a permanent's activated ability is on the stack when that permanent is detained, the ability will be unaffected.
4/15/2013 If a noncreature permanent is detained and later turns into a creature, it won't be able to attack or block.
4/15/2013 When a player leaves a multiplayer game, any continuous effects with durations that last until that player's next turn or until a specific point in that turn will last until that turn would have begun. They neither expire immediately nor last indefinitely.

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