Flood of Tears
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Flood of Tears
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Card Text:
Return all nonland permanents to their owners' hands. If you return four or more nontoken permanents you control this way, you may put a permanent card from your hand onto the battlefield.
Flavor Text:
"I have wept such a torrent as to scour the land clean."
—Mu Yanling
All Sets:
Core Set 2020 (Rare)
Innistrad: Crimson Vow Commander (Rare)
Card Number:
7/12/2019 If you return four or more nontoken permanents, the permanent card you put onto the battlefield may be one of the cards returned to your hand this way.
7/12/2019 Any abilities that trigger as the nonland permanents are returned are put onto the stack at the same time as any abilities that trigger as the permanent card is put onto the battlefield (if applicable).
7/12/2019 If a permanent would be returned to your hand but ends up in another zone (most likely because an effect exiled it instead or because it's a player's commander in the Commander variant) Flood of Tears counts it when determining whether four or more of your nontoken permanents were returned.
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