Ral's Vanguard

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Card Name:
Ral's Vanguard
Card Text:
Requirement — Your starting deck contains only instant, sorcery, and land cards.
Starting hand size +1 Starting life total -5
If an instant or sorcery spell you cast would cause you to draw one or more cards, draw an additional card. If an instant or sorcery spell you cast would deal damage to a permanent or player, it deals 1 additional damage to that permanent or player.
(Hand Modifier: +0 , Life Modifier: +0)
Card Number:
11/12/2019 Vanguard cards can be used only in a format that allows them (such as Limited events using the Mystery Booster set). Each player may begin the game with up to one vanguard card they own in the command zone. This card doesn’t count towards the minimum deck size.
11/12/2019 Vanguard cards can’t be included in a deck or brought into the game from outside the game.
11/12/2019 Your starting and maximum hand size is modified by the vanguard as noted. Your starting life total is similarly modified.
11/12/2019 A vanguard with a requirement can’t be your vanguard unless its requirement is met as the game begins.
11/12/2019 Your starting deck includes only those cards that will be shuffled to become your library. It doesn’t include your sideboard or any other cards that begin the game outside the game.
11/12/2019 Copies of spells you control won’t cause you to draw additional cards or deal additional damage.