Inspirational Antelope
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Inspirational Antelope
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Creature — Antelope
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Legacy — Before the game starts, choose a keyword or ability word and write it below.
Spells with __________ you cast cost 1 less to cast.
1 / 3
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11/12/2019 Once you’ve written a word for a word-blank legacy ability, you can’t change it, even between games. It remains part of that physical card
11/12/2019 If an object becomes a copy of an object with a word blank, the value in that blank is copied.
11/12/2019 To choose a keyword ability, you may select any keyword ability (such as flying, hexproof, or legacy) but not a keyword action (such as destroy, populate, or scry).
11/12/2019 If you choose a keyword that usually takes a modifier, such as costs for abilities like cycling or numbers for abilities like crew, don’t include any such modifiers. For example, if you write “cycling,” all spells you cast with a cycling ability cost 1 less, no matter what their cycling costs are.
11/12/2019 An ability word appears in italics before an ability and has no inherent rules meaning.