B.O.B. (Bevy of Beebles)
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B.O.B. (Bevy of Beebles)
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Legendary Planeswalker — B.O.B.
Card Text:
As B.O.B. enters the battlefield, create four 1/1 blue Beeble creature tokens.
The number of loyalty counters on B.O.B. is equal to the number of Beebles you control. <i>(Create or sacrifice Beebles whenever B.O.B. gains or loses loyalty.)</i>
+1: Up to X target Beebles can't be blocked this turn, where X is the number of cards in your hand.
−1: Draw a card.
Mythic Rare
Card Number:
2/29/2020 If B.O.B. gains loyalty, the Beeble you create is a 1/1 blue Beeble creature token.
2/29/2020 B.O.B.'s loyalty counts all Beebles you control, not just the tokens B.O.B. creates. Or separates? Whatever B.O.B. does.
2/29/2020 B.O.B. is not a creature and is not itself a Beeble.
2/29/2020 Every time B.O.B loses loyalty, you choose which Beebles to sacrifice. If B.O.B. is dealt more damage than the number of Beebles you control, you sacrifice all of them, and then B.O.B. is put into its owner's graveyard.
2/29/2020 Sacrificing Beebles to account for B.O.B.'s lost loyalty happens before state-based actions clean up the lethally-damaged Beebles. The one that blocked can heroically be the one you sacrifice. Farewell, brave Beeble. B.O.B.-speed.
2/29/2020 If you control Doubling Season or a similar card that applies “is an effect would create one or more tokens,” you'd create eight Beebles as B.O.B. enters the battlefield. However, because such cards apply only to effects and not costs, you'd still create only one Beeble if you activated B.O.B.'s first loyalty ability.
2/29/2020 Conversely, other cards like Primal Vigor don't mention “effects.” If you control one of these cards, activating B.O.B.'s first loyalty ability would cause you to create two Beebles, and thus put two loyalty counters on B.O.B.

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