Pippa, Duchess of Dice
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Card Name:
Pippa, Duchess of Dice
Mana Cost:
Converted Mana Cost:
Legendary Creature — Human Noble
Card Text:
2Green, Tap: Roll a six-sided die. It becomes a green Die creature token with power and toughness each equal to its result.
2Blue, Tap: Reroll any die. <i>(Activate only any time it makes sense.)</i>
Flavor Text:
When it came to following her orders, it was do and die.
2 / 2
Card Number:
2/29/2020 For the first ability, you roll a die that isn't already in the game. That die will be used to represent the Die creature you create.
2/29/2020 The Die creature you create enters the battlefield.
2/29/2020 Die creatures have an inherent ability to be rerolled at any time, not just when they were initially rolled. Pippa's second ability can reroll them, as well as effects of cards like Wall of Fortune.
2/29/2020 Pippa's second ability can be used to reroll any die roll, not just yours. If you reroll another player's roll, the result still counts for whatever instructed them to roll a die, but abilities you control that trigger "whenever you roll a die" will trigger.
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