Call the Coppercoats
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Call the Coppercoats
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Card Text:
Strive — This spell costs 1White more to cast for each target beyond the first.
Choose any number of target opponents. Create X 1/1 white Human Soldier creature tokens, where X is the number of creatures those opponents control.
Flavor Text:
When the alarm crystals flash, Drannith's finest answer the call.
All Sets:
Ikoria Commander (Rare)
Streets of New Capenna Commander (Rare)
Card Number:
4/17/2020 Any target opponents that are no longer legal targets by the time Call the Coppercoats resolves won't have their creatures counted when determining how many tokens you create.
4/17/2020 You choose how many targets each spell with a strive ability has and what those targets are as you cast it. It's legal to cast such a spell with no targets, although this is rarely a good idea. You can't choose the same target more than once for a single strive spell.
4/17/2020 The mana value of a strive spell doesn't change no matter how many targets it has.
4/17/2020 If this spell is copied and the effect that copies the spell allows a player to choose new targets for the copy, the number of targets can't be changed. The player may change any number of the targets, including all of them or none of them. If, for one of the targets, the player can't choose a new legal target, then it remains unchanged (even if the current target is illegal).
4/17/2020 If a spell or ability allows you to cast a strive spell without paying its mana cost, you must pay the additional cost for any targets beyond the first.

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