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1, Discard a card: Create a 0/3 blue Crab creature token.
<i>Delirium</i> — Crabs you control get +1/+1 as long as there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard.
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"We're going to need more butter."
—Ghoulcaller Gisa
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6/18/2021 The card types that can appear in a graveyard are artifact, creature, enchantment, instant, land, planeswalker, sorcery, and tribal. Legendary, basic, and snow are supertypes, not card types; Vedalken and Wizard are subtypes, not card types.
6/18/2021 Discarding a card is part of the cost of Scuttletide's first ability. There is no time for players to respond to the ability before the discarded card is in the graveyard.
6/18/2021 The triggered ability triggers when creatures are declared as attackers attacking you or a planeswalker you control. It will not trigger if an effect puts a creature onto the battlefield attacking you or a planeswalker you control.
6/18/2021 The token is named Clue Token and has the artifact subtype Clue. Clue isn't a creature type.
6/18/2021 The tokens are normal artifacts. For example, one can be sacrificed to activate the ability of Breya's Apprentice and one can be the target of Break Ties.
6/18/2021 You can't sacrifice a Clue to activate its own ability and also to activate another ability that requires sacrificing a Clue (or any artifact) as a cost, such as that of Lonis, Cryptozoologist.

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