Opportunistic Dragon
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Card Name:
Opportunistic Dragon
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Converted Mana Cost:
Creature — Dragon
Card Text:
When Opportunistic Dragon enters the battlefield, choose target Human or artifact an opponent controls. For as long as Opportunistic Dragon remains on the battlefield, gain control of that permanent, it loses all abilities, and it can't attack or block.
4 / 3
All Sets:
Throne of Eldraine (Rare)
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander (Rare)
Card Number:
10/4/2019 If Opportunistic Dragon leaves the battlefield before its triggered ability resolves, your opponent keeps control of their Human or artifact, it doesn't lose any abilities, and it can still attack or block as normal. You don't gain control of it at all.
10/4/2019 Opportunistic Dragon's effect doesn't expire if another player gains control of it or if it loses all abilities. The effect only expires once it's no longer on the battlefield.
10/4/2019 If another player gains control of the permanent Opportunistic Dragon has kidnapped, that permanent doesn't regain its abilities and still can't attack or block.
10/4/2019 If the stolen permanent normally has any abilities that would trigger when Opportunistic Dragon dies, those abilities won't trigger.
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