Gisa, Glorious Resurrector
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Gisa, Glorious Resurrector
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Legendary Creature — Human Wizard
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If a creature an opponent controls would die, exile it instead.
At the beginning of your upkeep, put all creature cards exiled with Gisa, Glorious Resurrector onto the battlefield under your control. They gain decayed. (A creature with decayed can't block. When it attacks, sacrifice it at end of combat.)
4 / 4
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9/24/2021 Because creatures controlled by opponents aren't dying due to Gisa's replacement effect, any "when [this creature] dies" triggered abilities those creatures have won't trigger.
9/24/2021 Gisa does not grant haste to the creatures that are returned to the battlefield, so you normally won't be able to attack with them the turn they are returned.
9/24/2021 If a creature your opponent controls would die and more than one effect would cause it to be exiled, that opponent chooses which one to apply. If the creature is exiled due to some other replacement effect, it will not be returned to the battlefield with Gisa.
9/24/2021 Decayed represents a static ability and a triggered ability. "Decayed" means "This creature can't block" and "When this creature attacks, sacrifice it at end of combat."
9/24/2021 Decayed does not create any attacking requirements. You may choose not to attack with a creature that has decayed.
9/24/2021 Decayed does not grant haste. Creatures with decayed that enter the battlefield during your turn may not attack until your next turn.
9/24/2021 Once a creature with decayed attacks, it will be sacrificed at end of combat, even if it no longer has decayed at that time.
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