Wash Away
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Card Name:
Wash Away
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Card Text:
Cleave 1BlueBlue (You may cast this spell for its cleave cost. If you do, remove the words in square brackets.)
Counter target spell that wasn't cast from its owner's hand.
Flavor Text:
"May the ocean take it"
—Nephalia expression meaning
"good riddance"
Card Number:
11/19/2021 Copies of spells are never cast from a player's hand, so Wash Away can counter copies of spells even if its cleave cost wasn't paid, regardless of whether the original spell being copied was cast from a player's hand.
11/19/2021 If you cast a spell for its cleave cost, that spell doesn't have any of the text in square brackets while it's on the stack.
11/19/2021 A cleave cost is an alternative cost that's paid instead of the spell's mana cost. Casting a spell for its cleave cost doesn't change the spell's mana value.
11/19/2021 You can't cast a spell for both its cleave cost and another alternative cost. For example, if an effect gives an Alchemist's Retrieval in your graveyard a flashback cost of Blue, you can't cast it from your graveyard for its cleave cost.
11/19/2021 If an effect allows you to "cast a spell without paying its mana cost," you can't cast that spell for its cleave cost.
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