Thran Portal
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Card Name:
Thran Portal
Land — Gate
Card Text:
Thran Portal enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.
As Thran Portal enters the battlefield, choose a basic land type.
Thran Portal is the chosen type in addition to its other types.
Mana abilities of Thran Portal cost an additional 1 life to activate.
Card Number:
9/9/2022 Thran Portal will have the appropriate intrinsic mana ability for the basic land type chosen as it enters the battlefield. It is still a Gate and still has its other abilities, including the last ability, which makes the mana ability associated with its basic land type cost 1 life to activate.
9/9/2022 You still have to pay that mana ability's other costs. Usually, this is just tapping the land.
9/9/2022 If Thran Portal somehow gains another mana ability, that ability also costs an additional 1 life to activate.
9/9/2022 If you control more than one Thran Portal, the last ability of each of them applies only to itself. That is, controlling a second Thran Portal does not make mana abilities of all cards named Thran Portal cost an additional 2 life.
9/9/2022 If a Thran Portal somehow enters the battlefield without a basic land type having been chosen for it, it does not have any mana abilities. The same is true for a land that is already on the battlefield that becomes a copy of it.
9/9/2022 If a land enters the battlefield as a copy of Thran Portal (as opposed to a land that is already on the battlefield becoming a copy of it), its controller gets to choose a basic land type for it and it has that type.
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