A Real Handful
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A Real Handful
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Creature — Alien Child Guest
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As long as one or more hands are touching A Real Handful, it gets +2/+2.
As long as two or more hands are touching A Real Handful, it has menace.
As long as three or more hands are touching A Real Handful, it has lifelink.
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10/7/2022 Generally, only hands attached to humans count for these abilities. Hands of cards don't count, nor do hands of clocks, hands of dolls, and so on. Every hand that touches A Real Handful must do so willingly.
10/7/2022 The same hand can be touching multiple A Real Handfuls at the same time.
10/7/2022 Bonuses will turn on and off as the number of hands touching A Real Handful changes. Touching A Real Handful isn't a game action, so it doesn't use the stack. You can just do it at any time.
10/7/2022 Pay attention to whether the +2/+2 bonus is applying or not. Damage can suddenly become lethal if A Real Handful loses the bonus after damage has been dealt to it.
10/7/2022 Menace matters only as blockers are being declared. If A Real Handful doesn't have menace and is blocked by one creature, giving it menace won't change or undo that block.
10/7/2022 Lifelink matters only as damage is dealt.
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