The Big Top
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Card Name:
The Big Top
Card Text:
Tap: Add one mana of any color that appears on your top. (A top is an outerwear garment worn on the upper body.)
Flavor Text:
The glow of the big top can be seen for light years, but its excitement can be felt in the hearts of everyone who's ever been there.
Card Number:
10/7/2022 If you're wearing layers, you can count any garment that other players can see.
10/7/2022 There's wide latitude for what counts as the five colors of mana. Any shade of red qualifies as red, and so on. Some dark shades of purple can likely pass for black mana, and some light shades of yellow can pass for white. We do those on cards sometimes.
10/7/2022 You can add any color of mana in Un- games, though, so if you really want turquoise mana, go for it.
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