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Creature — Human Tyranid Advisor
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Strategic Coordinator — Basic lands you control have "Tap: Add ColorlessColorless. Spend this mana only on costs that contain Variable Colorless."
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The blessed union of gun, claw, and merciless intent is a force to be truly feared.
2 / 2
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10/7/2022 A "cost that contains Variable Colorless" may be a spell's total cost, an activated ability's cost, a cost to perform a special action, or a cost you're asked to pay as part of the resolution of a spell or ability (such as Condescend). A spell's total cost includes either its mana cost (printed in the upper right corner) or its alternative cost (such as flashback), as well as any additional costs (such as kicker). If it's something you can spend mana on, it's a cost. If that cost includes the Variable Colorless symbol in it, you can spend mana generated by the granted ability on that cost.
10/7/2022 You can spend mana generated by the granted ability on any part of a cost that contains Variable Colorless. You're not limited to spending it only on the Variable Colorless part.
10/7/2022 You can spend mana generated by the granted ability on a cost that includes Variable Colorless even if you've chosen an X of 0, or if the card specifies that you can spend only colored mana on X. (You'll have to spend the ColorlessColorless on a different part of that cost, of course.)
10/7/2022 You don't have to spend all of the mana on the same cost.
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