Visions of Phyrexia
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Visions of Phyrexia
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At the beginning of your upkeep, exile the top card of your library. You may play that card this turn.
At the beginning of your end step, if you didn't play a card from exile this turn, create a tapped Powerstone token. <i>(It's an artifact with "Tap: Add Colorless. This mana can't be spent to cast a nonartifact spell.")</i>
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10/14/2022 You must follow all normal timing rules for a card you play using Visions of Phyrexia’s first ability and, if it’s a spell, you must pay its costs to cast it.
10/14/2022 If you played a card from exile for any reason, the ability won’t trigger, even if it wasn’t the card you exiled with the first ability.
10/14/2022 If the card you exiled with the first ability is an instant, you may play it during your end step after Visions of Phyrexia’s last ability has already resolved and created a Powerstone token. We call this having your cake and compleating it too.
10/14/2022 Powerstone tokens are a kind of predefined token. Each one has the artifact subtype “Powerstone” and the ability “Tap: Add Colorless. This mana can’t be spent to cast a nonartifact spell.”
10/14/2022 You can use the Colorless added by a Powerstone token on anything that isn’t a nonartifact spell. This includes paying costs to activate abilities of both artifact and nonartifact permanents, paying ward costs, and so on.
10/14/2022 Although all the cards in The Brothers’ War that create Powerstone tokens create a tapped Powerstone token, entering the battlefield tapped isn’t part of the token’s definition. Notably, if you create a token that is a copy of a Powerstone token, the token copy won’t enter the battlefield tapped.

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