Unbreakable Formation
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Unbreakable Formation
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Creatures you control gain indestructible until end of turn.
<i>Addendum</i> — If you cast this spell during your main phase, put a +1/+1 counter on each of those creatures and they gain vigilance until end of turn.
All Sets:
Ravnica Allegiance (Rare)
Commander Legends (Rare)
Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander (Rare)
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (Rare)
Dominaria United Commander (Rare)
The Brothers' War Commander (Rare)
March of the Machine Commander (Rare)
Card Number:
1/25/2019 Unbreakable Formation affects only creatures you control at the time it resolves. Creatures you begin to control later in the turn won't gain indestructible or vigilance and they won't get a +1/+1 counter.
1/25/2019 Addendum abilities of instant spells apply while the spell is resolving, not immediately after casting it. If the spell is countered, you don't get the addendum bonus. For example, if you cast Sphinx's Insight during your main phase, you gain 2 life during its resolution, after you draw two cards.
1/25/2019 If a spell with an addendum ability is copied, the copy won't give you the addendum bonus. This is because the copy wasn't cast at all.
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