Vronos, Masked Inquisitor
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Vronos, Masked Inquisitor
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Legendary Planeswalker — Vronos
Card Text:
+1: Up to two other target planeswalkers you control phase out at the beginning of the next end step. (Treat them and anything attached to them as though they don't exist until your next turn.)
−2: For each opponent, return up to one target nonland permanent that player controls to its owner's hand.
−7: Target artifact you control becomes a 9/9 Construct artifact creature and gains vigilance, indestructible, and "This creature can't be blocked."
Card Number:
7/28/2023 Phased-out permanents are treated as though they don't exist. They can't be the target of spells or abilities, their static abilities have no effect on the game, their triggered abilities can't trigger, they can't attack or block, and so on.
7/28/2023 Permanents phase back in during their controller's untap step, immediately before that player untaps their permanents. Creatures that phase in this way are able to attack and pay a cost of Tap during that turn. If a permanent had counters on it when it phased out, it will have those counters when it phases back in.
7/28/2023 Phasing out doesn't cause any "leaves the battlefield" abilities to trigger. Similarly, phasing in won't cause any "enters the battlefield" abilities to trigger.
7/28/2023 Any continuous effects with a "for as long as" duration, such as that of Extraction Specialist, ignore phased-out objects. If ignoring those objects causes the effect's conditions to no longer be met, the duration will expire.
7/28/2023 Choices made for permanents as they entered the battlefield are remembered when they phase in.
7/28/2023 Vronos, Masked Inquisitor's last ability causes the target artifact to lose any other creature types it has. It retains any other types, subtypes, and supertypes.
7/28/2023 Vronos, Masked Inquisitor's last ability doesn't remove any abilities the target artifact has.
7/28/2023 If the artifact affected by Vronos, Masked Inquisitor's last ability is attached to another permanent, it becomes unattached. If an Equipment without reconfigure becomes an artifact creature, it can't be attached to another creature.
7/28/2023 If the artifact affected by Vronos, Masked Inquisitor's last ability was already a creature, its base power and toughness will become 9/9. This overwrites any previous effects that set its base power and/or toughness to specific values. Any power- or toughness-setting effects that start to apply after Vronos, Masked Inquisitor's last ability resolves will overwrite this effect.
7/28/2023 Effects that modify a creature's power and/or toughness, such as the one created by Giant Growth or a +1/+1 counter, will apply to the creature no matter when they started to take effect.
7/28/2023 The resulting artifact creature will be able to attack on your turn if it's been under your control continuously since the turn began. It doesn't matter how long it's been a creature, just how long it's been on the battlefield.
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