Diminisher Witch
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Diminisher Witch
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Creature — Human Warlock
Card Text:
Bargain (You may sacrifice an artifact, enchantment, or token as you cast this spell.)
When Diminisher Witch enters the battlefield, if it was bargained, create a Cursed Role token attached to target creature an opponent controls. (If you control another Role on it, put that one into the graveyard. Enchanted creature is 1/1.)
3 / 2
Card Number:
9/1/2023 Roles are colorless enchantment tokens. Each one has the Aura and Role subtypes and the enchant creature ability.
9/1/2023 If a permanent has more than one Role attached to it controlled by the same player, each of those Roles except the one with the most recent timestamp is put into its owner's graveyard. This is a state-based action.
9/1/2023 If two or more Roles controlled by the same player become attached to a permanent at the same time (perhaps due to an effect such as that of Doubling Season), that player chooses which one to keep and which are put into their owners' graveyards.
9/1/2023 A permanent can have multiple Roles attached to it if each one is controlled by a different player.
9/1/2023 Some spells and abilities that create Role tokens require targets. If each target chosen is an illegal target as that spell or ability tries to resolve, it won't resolve. The Role token won't be created.
9/1/2023 In rare cases, a spell or ability might attempt to create a Role token enchanting a permanent that it can't legally enchant (because of an ability like protection from enchantments). In such cases, the Role token isn't created.
9/1/2023 Hexproof and shroud won't prevent a Role from becoming attached to a permanent if the ability creating that Role attached to that permanent doesn't target it.
9/1/2023 Cards in the Wilds of Eldraine main set create six different Role tokens: Cursed, Monster, Royal, Sorcerer, Wicked, and Young Hero. A seventh Role token, Virtuous, is created by Ellivere of the Wild Court, the commander of the "Virtue and Valor" Commander Deck.
9/1/2023 Bargain means "As an additional cost to cast this spell, you may sacrifice an artifact, enchantment, or token."
9/1/2023 Bargain represents an optional additional cost. A spell cast with that additional cost paid is "bargained."
9/1/2023 You may sacrifice only one artifact, enchantment, or token to pay a spell's bargain cost.
9/1/2023 If you copy a bargained spell, the copy is also bargained. If a card or token enters the battlefield as a copy of a permanent that's already on the battlefield, the new permanent isn't bargained, even if the original was.
9/1/2023 Some instant and sorcery spells require additional targets if they're bargained. You ignore those targeting requirements if those spells aren't bargained, and you can't bargain those spells unless you can choose the appropriate targets. On the other hand, you can bargain a permanent spell even if you won't be able to choose targets for an enters-the-battlefield ability of that permanent once the spell resolves.
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