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Legendary Creature — Time Lord Rogue
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Whenever another nonartifact creature dies, return it to the battlefield under your control face down and tapped. It's a 2/2 Cyberman artifact creature.
At the beginning of your end step, each opponent faces a villainous choice — Each artifact creature you control deals 1 damage to that opponent, or you draw a card and chaos ensues.
4 / 5
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10/13/2023 Each creature turned face down this way or put onto the battlefield this way is a 2/2 Cyberman artifact creature with no name and no color.
10/13/2023 If, for any reason, the face-down creature is turned face up, the effect making it a Cyberman ends. It will be whatever is printed on the card.
10/13/2023 The player who controls a face-down permanent may look at it at any time. Notably, if the cards were put on the battlefield face down from another player's library, the player that owns them does not get to look at those cards.
10/13/2023 Double-faced permanents that are already on the battlefield can't be turned face down this way. However, a double-faced card can be put onto the battlefield face down from another zone this way.
10/13/2023 If the face-down card has a morph ability, its controller may turn it face up by paying the associated morph cost.
10/13/2023 When a player faces a villainous choice, they first choose one of the two options, then all actions in the chosen option are performed.
10/13/2023 If a spell or ability requires multiple players to face a villainous choice, the result is a little different from other effects in Magic. In that case, the first player in turn order makes their choice and the action for that choice is performed before the next player makes their choice. Then each of the remaining players repeat this process in turn order.
10/13/2023 A player facing a villainous choice can always choose either option, even if one or both of the options are impossible. For example, if one of the options is to sacrifice a creature, a player who controls no creatures can still choose that option.
10/13/2023 Unlike other creature types in Magic that are each only one word, the two words "Time Lord" represent a single creature subtype. Time Lord is the only two-word creature type.
10/13/2023 Neither "Time" nor "Lord" are creature types. Some older cards were printed with the subtype "Lord," but all of those cards have updated Oracle card text that removed that type.
10/13/2023 If an effect instructs you to choose a creature type, you may choose Time Lord.
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