Arco Arido
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Card Name:
Arid Archway
Land — Desert
Card Text:
Arid Archway enters the battlefield tapped.
When Arid Archway enters the battlefield, return a land you control to its owner's hand. If another Desert was returned this way, surveil 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put it into your graveyard.)
Tap: Add ColorlessColorless.
Card Number:
4/12/2024 Arid Archway will return itself to its owner's hand if you control no other lands when its enters-the-battlefield ability resolves (or if you choose to return it to its owner's hand despite controlling other lands). It's almost never a good idea to play it on your first turn.
4/12/2024 Desert is a land subtype with no special meaning. It doesn't grant the land an intrinsic mana ability. Other cards may care about which lands are Deserts.
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