Snow-Covered Wastes
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Snow-Covered Wastes
Basic Snow Land
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Tap: Add Colorless.
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6/7/2024 Because Snow-Covered Wastes is a basic land, you can include as many of them as you like in your Constructed decks.
6/7/2024 In Limited events (including Sealed Deck and Booster Draft), Snow-Covered Wastes must be in your card pool to be included in your deck. You can't add Snow-Covered Wastes to your card pool in the same way that you can add other basic lands.
6/7/2024 Wastes is not a land type. If something asks you to name a land type, you can't choose Wastes.
6/7/2024 Snow is a supertype, not a card type. It has no rules meaning or function by itself, but spells and abilities may refer to it.
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