Pointy Finger of Doom
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Community Rating: 4.189 / 5  (37 votes)
Card Name:
Pointy Finger of Doom
Mana Cost:
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Card Text:
3, Tap: Spin Pointy Finger of Doom in the middle of the table so that it rotates completely at least once, then destroy the closest permanent the finger points to.
Flavor Text:
"I would have made a ‘Spin-The-Bottle' joke if I thought anyone reading this had ever played the game."
—Bucky, flavor text writer
All Sets:
Unhinged (Rare)
Unsanctioned (Rare)
Card Number:
2/29/2020 Pointy Finger of Doom must rotate at least 360 degrees to count. There is no penalty for failing to spin it properly other than you must try again.
2/29/2020 Pointy Finger of Doom won’t destroy itself, even though it is very close to itself.
2/29/2020 Once the Finger starts spinning, no permanents can be moved until after the ability completely resolves.
2/29/2020 If you create a token that’s a copy of Pointy Finger of Doom, spin whatever object you’re using to represent the token. Do not use living beings to represent the token.