Look at Me, I'm the DCI
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Look at Me, I'm the DCI
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Card Text:
Ban a card other than a basic land card for the rest of the match. (All cards with that name in any zone or sideboard are removed from the match.)
Flavor Text:
Few understand the DCI's rigorous decision-making process.
All Sets:
Unglued (Rare)
Unsanctioned (Rare)
Card Number:
2/29/2020 The DCI, originally short for Duelists' Convocation International and later short for absolutely nothing, was the name given to the governing body overseeing all Magic organized play. Although this name has since been retired, the card Look at Me, I'm the DCI persists in its honor.
2/29/2020 After you choose a card, all cards with that name are removed from the game in progress, no matter what zone they're in. If there are any in a player's sideboard, those are removed as well. Those cards remain out of the game for the rest of that game and for any subsequent game in that match.
2/29/2020 If cards from a player's main deck are banned, they must replace them with cards from their sideboard to begin the next game of the match. If enough cards are banned such that they can't meet the deck minimum, they can begin the game with their main deck having fewer cards than is normally required. However, if they end up with fewer than seven cards available, they'll lose the game as it begins when they are forced to try and draw from their suddenly empty library.
2/29/2020 The ban doesn't affect tokens, including ones that already exist when the ban goes into effect and future ones that may be created.
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