Kaya, Orzhov Usurper
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Card Name:
Kaya, Orzhov Usurper
Mana Cost:
Mana Value:
Legendary Planeswalker — Kaya
Card Text:
+1: Exile up to two target cards from a single graveyard. You gain 2 life if at least one creature card was exiled this way.
−1: Exile target nonland permanent with mana value 1 or less.
−5: Kaya, Orzhov Usurper deals damage to target player equal to the number of cards that player owns in exile and you gain that much life.
Mythic Rare
All Sets:
Ravnica Allegiance (Mythic Rare)
Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition (Mythic Rare)
Ravnica Remastered (Rare)
Card Number:
1/25/2019 If a permanent has Variable Colorless in its mana cost, X is considered to be 0.
1/25/2019 Tokens that aren't a copy of something else don't have a mana cost. Anything without a mana cost normally has a mana value of 0.
1/25/2019 Kaya's last ability causes you to gain life equal to the number of cards the target player owns in exile, even if an effect causes her to deal more or less than that amount of damage to that player.
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