Ebondeath, Dracolich
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Ebondeath, Dracolich
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Legendary Creature — Zombie Dragon
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Ebondeath, Dracolich enters the battlefield tapped.
You may cast Ebondeath, Dracolich from your graveyard if a creature not named Ebondeath, Dracolich died this turn.
5 / 2
Mythic Rare
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7/23/2021 Ebondeath, Dracolich's last ability cares only whether a creature not named Ebondeath, Dracolich died during the turn, even if Ebondeath, Dracolich wasn't in your graveyard when that happened. It doesn't matter if a creature named Ebondeath, Dracolich also died, and it doesn't matter what happens to the creature after it dies. For example, if the creature that died is a token or the creature card leaves the graveyard later in the turn, you can still cast Ebondeath, Dracolich.
7/23/2021 Ebondeath Dracolich cares what the creature's name was while it was last on the battlefield, not what it is in the graveyard. For example, if a creature with a different name becomes a copy of Ebondeath, Dracolich and then dies, you won't be able to cast Ebondeath, Dracolich from your graveyard.
7/23/2021 Casting Ebondeath, Dracolich from your graveyard follows the normal rules for casting that card. You must pay its costs, and you must follow all applicable timing rules.
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