Vraska, la piqûre de trahison
Vraska, la piqûre de trahison
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Card Name:
Vraska, Betrayal's Sting
Mana Cost:
4BlackPhyrexian Black
Mana Value:
Legendary Planeswalker — Vraska
Card Text:
Compleated (Phyrexian Black can be paid with Black or 2 life. If life was paid, this planeswalker enters with two fewer loyalty counters.)
0: You draw a card and you lose 1 life. Proliferate.
−2: Target creature becomes a Treasure artifact with "Tap, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color" and loses all other card types and abilities.
−9: If target player has fewer than nine poison counters, they get a number of poison counters equal to the difference.
Mythic Rare
Card Number:
2/4/2023 The target of Vraska's second loyalty ability will lose any other subtypes and card types it previously had and will be only a Treasure artifact. It will retain any supertypes it had.
2/4/2023 In most cases, the target of Vraska's last loyalty ability will end up with nine poison counters. However, once you calculate what the difference is, replacement effects can change how many poison counters the player actually gets. For example, if the player controls Melira, the Living Cure, they will end up getting one poison counter if they had eight or fewer to begin with.
2/4/2023 A Phyrexian mana symbol contributes 1 toward the mana value of a card, even if life is paid for it. Specifically, Vraska's mana value is always 6.
2/4/2023 The compleated ability looks only at whether a player chose to pay 2 life for a Phyrexian mana symbol as they were casting the spell. If a player paid life for some other reason while casting the spell, that will not reduce the number of loyalty counters the planeswalker enters the battlefield with.
2/4/2023 Other replacement effects that would change the number of loyalty counters Vraska enters with will apply as normal.
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