Trap the Trespassers
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Trap the Trespassers
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Secret council — Each player secretly votes for a creature you don't control, then those votes are revealed. For each creature with one or more votes, put that many stun counters on it, then tap it. (If a permanent with a stun counter would become untapped, remove one from it instead.)
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6/16/2023 None of the creatures are targeted. Players may vote for a creature with hexproof, protection from blue, or similar.
6/16/2023 Players may vote for creatures that are already tapped.
6/16/2023 To secretly vote, each player writes down their chosen option without showing it to anyone else. Each player then keeps their vote secret until all players simultaneously reveal their votes.
6/16/2023 Before secret votes are revealed, players may announce how they intend to vote, but they can't reveal what they actually wrote down until all votes are simultaneously revealed. Players can lie about how they intend to vote before the votes are revealed.
6/16/2023 Abilities that trigger "whenever players finish voting" trigger once all players have voted or once all secret votes are revealed, but they won't go on the stack until the current spell or ability finishes resolving.
6/16/2023 Each player must vote for one of the available options. They can't abstain.
6/16/2023 No player votes until the spell or ability resolves. Any responses to that spell or ability must be made without knowing the outcome of the vote.
6/16/2023 The phrase "the vote is tied" refers only to when there is more than one choice that received the most votes. For example, if a 5-player vote from among three different choices ends 3 votes to 1 vote to 1 vote, the vote isn't tied.
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