Fuerte de acero oscuro
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Fuerte de acero oscuro
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Artefacto - Fortificación
Card Text:
La tierra fortificada es indestructible.
Siempre que la tierra fortificada sea girada, la criatura objetivo obtiene +1/+1 hasta el final del turno.
Fortificar 3 (3: Anéxalo a la tierra objetivo que controlas. Juega la habilidad de fortificar como un conjuro. Esta carta entra en juego desanexada y permanece en juego si la tierra deja el juego.)
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5/1/2007 Fortification is to lands what Equipment is to creatures. Except for the difference regarding what kind of permanent it can affect, Fortifications and Equipment follow the same rules.
5/1/2007 If Darksteel Garrison and the fortified land would be destroyed at the same time, only Darksteel Garrison is destroyed.
5/1/2007 The second ability triggers whenever the fortified land becomes tapped, not just when it’s tapped for mana.
5/1/2007 The triggered ability is mandatory. If you don’t have a creature to target, you must target another player’s creature, if possible.