Recorrer los caminos
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Recorrer los caminos
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Muestra cartas de la parte superior de tu biblioteca hasta que muestres una carta de tierra. Pon esa carta en juego y el resto en el fondo de tu biblioteca en cualquier orden. Enfréntate con un oponente. Si ganas, regresa Recorrer los caminos a la mano de su propietario. (Cada jugador enfrentado muestra la primera carta de su biblioteca, luego pone esa carta en la parte superior o inferior. Gana el jugador cuya carta tenga el mayor coste de maná convertido.)
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4/1/2008 If you win the clash, the spell moves from the stack to your hand as part of its resolution. It never hits the graveyard. If you don't win the clash, the spell is put into the graveyard from the stack as normal.
4/1/2008 If the spell is countered or doesn't resolve for any reason (for example, if all its targets become illegal), none of its effects happen. There is no clash, and the spell card won't be returned to your hand.
4/1/2008 You put the revealed nonland cards on the bottom of your library before you clash.
4/1/2008 If you have only nonland cards in your library, you reveal your entire library (one card at a time), rearrange it however you like, and then clash.
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