Maralen del Canto del Mattino
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Maralen del Canto del Mattino
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Creatura Leggendaria - Mago Elfo
Card Text:
I giocatori non possono pescare carte.
All'inizio dell'acquisizione di ogni giocatore, quel giocatore perde 3 punti vita, passa in rassegna il suo grimorio per una carta, la aggiunge alla sua mano, poi rimescola il suo grimorio.
Flavor Text:
Maralen assegnò a Veesa, Endry e Iliona, la cricca Vendilion, il compito più impegnativo.
2 / 3
Card Number:
4/1/2008 Maralen prevents players from drawing cards for any reason, including as a cost, as an effect, and as a result of the “draw a card” turn-based action during the draw step.
4/1/2008 While Maralen is on the battlefield, no player can lose the game due to being instructed to draw a card with an empty library.
4/1/2008 While Maralen is on the battlefield, replacement effects that instruct a player to do something instead of drawing a card won't work.
4/1/2008 While Maralen is on the battlefield, a player can't choose to draw cards (or choose to have another player draw cards) as a spell or ability resolves. For example, if you cast the Development side of Research // Development (“Put a 3/1 red Elemental creature token onto the battlefield unless any opponent lets you draw a card. Repeat this process two more times.”), you'll put three Elemental tokens onto the battlefield because your opponents can't “let you draw a card.”
4/1/2008 The effect of the triggered ability is mandatory. The life loss isn't a payment; you'll lose 3 life even if you have 3 or less life left. Unless your library is empty, you must put a card from your library into your hand.
4/1/2008 In a Two-Headed Giant game, Maralen's triggered ability will trigger twice per draw step (once for each player on the active team). Maralen's controller chooses the order to put the abilities on the stack.
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