Balduvian Trading Post
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Community Rating: 3.952 / 5  (42 votes)
Card Name:
Balduvian Trading Post
Card Text:
When Balduvian Trading Post comes into play, sacrifice an untapped mountain or bury Balduvian Trading Post.
ocT: Add o1oR to your mana pool.
o1, ocT: Balduvian Trading Post deals 1 damage to target attacking creature.
All Sets:
Alliances (Rare)
Masters Edition II (Rare)
10/4/2004 You sacrifice the Mountain before this card is put onto the battlefield, and do so no matter how it is put onto the battlefield.
10/4/2004 This card produces two different types of mana. If an effect that adds one mana to your mana pool of the same type as the mana produced by this card, you choose which of the two types it produces.