Fulcro di Ugin
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Fulcro di Ugin
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Artefatto Leggendario
Card Text:
Se un giocatore sta per iniziare un turno extra, quel giocatore salta invece quel turno.
Se il Fulcro di Ugin sta per essere messo in un cimitero dal campo di battaglia, invece esilialo e gioca un turno extra dopo questo.
Flavor Text:
D'un tratto, nella mente di Sarkhan calò il silenzio.
Mythic Rare
Card Number:
9/20/2014 An "extra turn" is any turn created by a spell or ability. Notably, it doesn't include additional turns taken in tournaments after time expires for a round.
9/20/2014 Extra turns can still be created while Ugin's Nexus is on the battlefield. They're not skipped until they would begin, so if Ugin's Nexus leaves the battlefield before that happens, the extra turns will be unaffected.
9/20/2014 Notably, if you control more than one Ugin's Nexus, all but one will be exiled and an extra turn created for each. If the Ugin's Nexus that remains on the battlefield isn't on the battlefield when each of those extra turns would begin, you can take those turns.
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