La Gran Aurora
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La Gran Aurora
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Cada jugador baraja todas las cartas de su mano y todos los permanentes de los que es propietario en su biblioteca, luego roba esa misma cantidad de cartas. Cada jugador puede poner cualquier cantidad de cartas de tierra de su mano en el campo de batalla. Exilia La Gran Aurora.
Mythic Rare
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6/22/2015 The number of cards you draw is equal to the number of permanents on the battlefield that you shuffle into your library plus the number of cards from your hand that you shuffle into your library.
6/22/2015 A token is owned by the player under whose control it entered the battlefield. Tokens shuffled into a library count toward the number of cards drawn, though they cease to exist upon becoming part of a library. Regardless of what you're using to represent tokens, you won't shuffle that physical object into your library.
6/22/2015 If a player is required to draw more cards than their library contains, that player loses the game. If all players lose the game this way, the game is a draw.
6/22/2015 As The Great Aurora resolves, first you choose any number of land cards in your hand to put onto the battlefield, and then each other player in turn order does the same. The lands enter the battlefield simultaneously.
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