Appel à l'unité
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Appel à l'unité
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Révolte — Au début de votre étape de fin, si un permanent que vous contrôliez a quitté le champ de bataille ce tour-ci, mettez un marqueur « unité » sur l'Appel à l'unité.
Les créatures que vous contrôlez gagnent +1/+1 pour chaque marqueur « unité » sur l'Appel à l'unité.
Flavor Text:
La « tour percée » est le symbole de la libération du contrôle du Consulat.
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2/9/2017 Revolt abilities check only whether a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn or not. They don’t apply multiple times if more than one permanent you controlled left the battlefield. They don’t check whether the permanent that left the battlefield is still in the zone it moved to.
2/9/2017 Revolt abilities don’t care why the permanent left the battlefield, who caused it to move, or where it moved to. They’re equally satisfied by an artifact you sacrificed to pay a cost, a creature you controlled that was destroyed by Murder, or an enchantment you returned to your hand with Leave in the Dust.
2/9/2017 Tokens that leave the battlefield will satisfy a revolt ability.
2/9/2017 Energy counters aren’t permanents. Paying Energy won’t satisfy a revolt ability.
2/9/2017 All cards in the Aether Revolt set with triggered revolt abilities use an intervening “if” clause. A permanent you controlled must have left the battlefield earlier in the turn in order for these abilities to trigger; otherwise they do nothing. In other words, there’s no way to have the ability trigger if no permanent you controlled has left the battlefield that turn, even if you intend to have one do so in response to the triggered ability.