Rechazo despiadado
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Rechazo despiadado
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Regresa el permanente objetivo que no sea tierra a la mano de su propietario.
Enrola 1. (Pon un contador +1/+1 sobre un Ejército que controlas. Si no controlas ninguno, crea primero una ficha de criatura Ejército Zombie negra 0/0.)
Flavor Text:
"Nos dejan muy claro que no somos nada para ellos".
Card Number:
6/16/2023 Amass abilities are now written as "amass [subtype] N." Previous cards with amass have received errata to say "amass Zombies N."
6/16/2023 To amass Zombies N, if you don't control an Army creature, create a 0/0 black Zombie Army creature token. Then you choose an Army creature you control and put N +1/+1 counters on it. If that Army isn't already a Zombie, it becomes a Zombie in addition to its other types.
6/16/2023 Amass Orcs works the same way, except you create a 0/0 black Orc Army creature token if you don't control an Army. If the Army creature you chose isn't already an Orc, it becomes an Orc in addition to its other types. By combining cards with amass Orcs and amass Zombies, you can end up with an Orc Zombie Army.
6/16/2023 In the rare case that you control multiple Army creatures (perhaps because you played a creature with changeling) while you amass Zombies, you choose which of your Army creatures to put the +1/+1 counters on. If that creature isn't a Zombie, it becomes a Zombie in addition to its other types.
6/16/2023 If you don't control an Army, the Zombie Army token you create enters the battlefield as a 0/0 creature before receiving counters. Any abilities that trigger when a creature with a certain power enters the battlefield, such as that of Mentor of the Meek, will see the token enter as a 0/0 creature before it gets +1/+1 counters.
6/16/2023 Some cards refer to the "amassed Army." That means the Army creature you chose to receive counters, even if no counters were placed on it for some reason.
6/16/2023 Some spells and abilities that amass Zombies may require targets. If each target chosen is an illegal target as that spell or ability tries to resolve, it won't resolve. You won't amass Zombies.
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