Nexo de Maderamáscara
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Nexo de Maderamáscara
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Las criaturas que controlas son de todos los tipos de criatura. Lo mismo sucede con los hechizos de criatura que controlas y con las cartas de criatura de las que eres propietario que no están en el campo de batalla.
3, Tap: Crea una ficha de criatura Metamorfo azul 2/2 con la habilidad de cambiaformas.
All Sets:
Kaldheim (Rare)
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (Rare)
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2/5/2021 Replacement effects that modify how creatures of a certain creature type enter the battlefield will apply after you apply the effect of Maskwood Nexus. For example, if you control Maskwood Nexus and an effect says that each Warrior you control enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it, any creature that enters the battlefield under your control will get that counter.
2/5/2021 The tokens created by the activated ability will continue to have all creature types if Maskwood Nexus leaves the battlefield because those tokens have changeling. Other creatures you control will revert to their usual creature types unless another relevant effect is affecting them.
2/5/2021 Changeling is a characteristic-defining ability. It functions in all zones, not only while a card that has it is on the battlefield.
2/5/2021 The subtype Shapeshifter that appears on the type line is mostly there to reinforce the flavor. A creature card with changeling is just as much an Elf, a Dwarf, a Sliver, a Goat, a Coward, and a Zombie as it is a Shapeshifter.
2/5/2021 If an effect causes a creature with changeling to become a new creature type, it will be only that new creature type. It will still have changeling; the effect making it all creature types will simply be overwritten.
2/5/2021 If an effect causes a creature with changeling to lose all abilities, it will remain all creature types, even though it will no longer have changeling. This is because changeling applies before the effect that removes it.
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