Donal, Herald of Wings
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Donal, Herald of Wings
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Legendary Creature — Human Wizard
Card Text:
Whenever you cast a nonlegendary creature spell with flying, you may copy it, except the copy is a 1/1 Spirit in addition to its other types. Do this only once each turn. (The copy becomes a token.)
Flavor Text:
He sees a flicker of Avacyn's grace in every wingbeat.
3 / 3
Mythic Rare
Card Number:
11/19/2021 If a creature spell is copied, it's put onto the battlefield as a token as the spell resolves rather than putting the copy of the spell onto the battlefield. The rules that apply to a permanent spell becoming a permanent apply to a copy of a spell becoming a token.
11/19/2021 The token that a resolving copy of a spell becomes isn't said to have been "created."
11/19/2021 The copy remembers any decisions that were made for the original spell as it was cast, including values chosen for X in its mana cost and whether any alternative or additional costs were chosen. For example, if the original creature spell had kicker and its kicker cost was paid, the copy will also be kicked.
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