Takenuma, verlassenes Schlammloch
Takenuma, verlassenes Schlammloch
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Takenuma, verlassenes Schlammloch
Legendäres Land
Card Text:
Tap: Erzeuge Black.
<i>Blutzoll</i> — 3Black, wirf Takenuma, verlassenes Schlammloch, ab: Du millst drei Karten und bringst dann eine Kreaturen- oder Planeswalkerkarte aus deinem Friedhof auf deine Hand zurück. Diese Fähigkeit kostet beim Aktivieren für jede legendäre Kreatur, die du kontrollierst, 1 weniger.
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2/18/2022 Suit Up will overwrite any previous effects that set the creature or Vehicle's power and toughness to specific numbers. Effects that otherwise modify its power and toughness will still apply no matter when they took effect. The same is true for +1/+1 counters.
2/18/2022 If Suit Up causes a Vehicle to become an artifact creature, it doesn't count as “crewing” that Vehicle for any ability that would trigger off of a Vehicle becoming crewed.
2/18/2022 The creature or planeswalker card you return to your hand is not chosen until after you mill three cards. You may choose a creature or planeswalker card from among all the cards in your graveyard, including the milled cards.
2/18/2022 Discarding the card is part of the cost to activate a channel ability.
2/18/2022 If a channel ability requires a target, you may not activate it without a target just to discard the card.

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