Marcia della Luce Ultraterrena
Marcia della Luce Ultraterrena
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Marcia della Luce Ultraterrena
Mana Cost:
Variable ColorlessWhite
Mana Value:
Card Text:
Come costo addizionale per lanciare questa magia, puoi esiliare un qualsiasi numero di carte bianche dalla tua mano. Questa magia costa 2 in meno per essere lanciata per ogni carta esiliata in questo modo.
Esilia un artefatto, una creatura o un incantesimo bersaglio con valore di mana pari o inferiore a X.
Card Number:
2/18/2022 You may exile more cards than necessary for March of Otherworldly Light's first ability, but you can't reduce the mana it costs to less than White this way.
2/18/2022 For example, say you wanted to choose a target with mana value 6. You need X to be at least 6. You could choose to cast March of Otherworldly Light by paying 6White. You could also exile white cards from your hand to reduce that cost by 2 for each one. If you had a reason to, you could even choose a greater value for X.
2/18/2022 The mana value of March of Otherworldly Light while it's on the stack is the value chosen for X plus 1, no matter how much mana you actually paid to cast it.
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