Erprobte Bratpfanne
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Erprobte Bratpfanne
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Artefakt — Ausrüstung
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Wenn die Erprobte Bratpfanne ins Spiel kommt, erzeuge einen Speise-Spielstein, erzeuge dann einen 1/1 weißen Halbling-Kreaturenspielstein und lege die Erprobte Bratpfanne an ihn an.
Die ausgerüstete Kreatur hat „Immer wenn du Lebenspunkte dazuerhältst, erhält diese Kreatur bis zum Ende des Zuges +X/+X, wobei X gleich der Anzahl an Lebenspunkten ist, die du dazuerhalten hast."
Ausrüsten 2
Card Number:
6/16/2023 No player may take any actions between the time you create the Halfling token and the time Field-Tested Frying Pan becomes attached to it.
6/16/2023 If the triggered ability causes more than one creature token to be created (due to an effect such as that of Doubling Season), Field-Tested Frying Pan becomes attached to one of them of your choice.
6/16/2023 Food is an artifact type. Even though it appears on some creatures in other sets, it's never a creature type.
6/16/2023 If an effect refers to a Food, it means any Food artifact, not just a Food artifact token. For example, you can sacrifice Lembas, an artifact card with the Food subtype, to activate the last ability of Bill the Pony.
6/16/2023 You can't sacrifice a Food token to pay multiple costs. For example, you can't sacrifice a Food token to activate its own ability and also to activate the last ability of Bill the Pony.
6/16/2023 Some spells and abilities that create Food tokens may require targets. If each target chosen is an illegal target as that spell or ability tries to resolve, it won't resolve. You won't create any Food tokens.
6/16/2023 Do not eat the delicious cards. No, not even for second breakfast.
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