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Can I borrow your wind for a second? I just need to blow over some guys on horseback real quick.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/28/2011 10:29:44 AM)


a hurricane for your green deck that is full of flyers
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/22/2011 4:25:10 PM)


In case you guys are wondering about the flavor, this is about the time Zhuge Liang predicted the weather and used that to his advantage. Cao Cao wanted to invade some place, but he had no adequate naval soldiers and the best way to attack that place was to use ships, so he had to connect all the ships together so that his horsemen could ride with ease. However, because Zhuge Liang knew that the east wind was going to blow on the day of the battle, he prepared the soldiers to burn the ships. He told them that he "borrowed" the east wind through some weird ritual(because rituals that work will make people praise him). Because of the east wind, the fire spread really quickly from boat to boat, annihilating Cao Cao's forces(primarily composed of horsemen).
Honestly, this card isn't as bad as people condemn it to be. Green burn isn't that common. Even if it hoses something pretty much no one plays, it still burns players.
Posted By: Binaro (12/16/2012 7:33:56 AM)


@Binaro: Well, Zhuge (for some reason always called Kongming in P3; why is no one ELSE referred to by their style name?!) gets the credit in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, probably at least in part because the original authors were HEAVILY biased towards the Shu. With regard to the historical Battle of Chi Bi, it was Zhou Yu (from Wu, the premier naval power at the time) who had the sense to ask the local fishermen, who'd have plenty of experience in understanding weather tells, how the wind was going to blow, to see if the fire ship stratagem would need to be adjusted. Zhuge's ritual may have, as you suggested, just been to bolster Shu/Wu morale, and/or confuse Wei spies.
Posted By: SkyknightXi (11/1/2013 9:29:36 PM)


Would I play this card?

Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (12/4/2010 12:54:20 AM)


"Patrick, this is the west wind. Where's the east wind?"

"Oh, east? I thought you said 'weast'."
Posted By: Gelzo (2/16/2012 5:00:54 PM)


Portal Three Kingdom's Hurricane version, increased by Green.
Possibly playable in block-constructed, awkward anywhere else since you'll preferably play Hurricane again if you want to deal damage to your opponent.

Fortunately, Rolling Earthquake is that much more playable than this card isn't.
Posted By: Mode (9/7/2009 6:31:06 PM)


But. . . But this one effect Horsemanship! Clearly it better now?
Posted By: John-Bender (12/21/2009 8:59:36 AM)


If only they had more cards that targeted creatures by what abilities they had. Deal x to all creatures with trample, or landfall, or haste even...
Posted By: themlsna (6/6/2010 1:54:18 PM)


Behold, the single most useless card in the game... besides Flailing Drake that is...
Posted By: Xenocide1337 (3/31/2011 12:51:43 PM)


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