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T1: Swamp, Entomb a Worldgorger Dragon
T2: Island, Animate Dead the the Gorger for inf mana, interrupt the loop to cast this 51 times, pick up your whole deck and cast a deadly Brain Freeze
Brush dirt off shoulder and smile :)
Posted By: OverfiendSurprise (1/17/2011 5:04:10 AM)


This is one of the only single cards that can turn mana directly into card draws at instant speed, without having a doom-bladeable body, or tapping requirements.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (2/1/2011 7:51:04 PM)


Think about it. How many times, while playing a control deck, has your opponent's turn gone by without the need for you to cast anything? Usually that means you had 6 or more lands that did nothing that turn that are about to untap anyways. The buyback cost seems high only because it's meant to be used when you didn't need to do anything else.
Posted By: PrimeSonic (3/22/2010 3:47:05 AM)


People have to understand that buyback is OPTIONAL, which is why it's a buyback. Early on this card still allow you to cycle through your library for the right card and being an instant it's safe from permanent destruction. In many mono-blue controls, Whisper is one of the cornerstone of card advantage.
Posted By: Cyberium (5/19/2010 4:21:12 PM)


Funny that it works well with seedborn muse.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (12/1/2010 8:54:31 PM)


I like the design of the card, but I feel like Think Twice would be more useful most times.
Posted By: dingophone (11/19/2011 5:53:29 PM)


this is a nice drawing engine without the threat of being a permanent and with the bonus of being an instant.

also this is one of my fauvorite art in the whole game
Posted By: don_miguel (5/15/2010 5:11:21 AM)


Of course, if you don't pay the Buyback then this cards accomplishes nothing except to make your deck effectively one card smaller. Which has its advantages I suppose, but is hardly mind-blowing. Buyback is really what makes this worthwhile.
Posted By: Weary_PSI (10/9/2010 3:26:11 AM)


very good draw spell
Posted By: kroen (9/2/2009 3:27:41 AM)


what are you talking about blue? Your instant card draw is right there.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/23/2010 11:32:47 PM)


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