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Currently rated at above a 4.1, I don't agree that this is underrated. Yes, it's a solid pacifism effect. The flash and damage prevention (including non-combat damage) are very nice bonuses to have, and at no extra mana cost (I would have expected such a combination to cost 3 mana, especially at common).

That being said, there are many creatures with strong effects and abilities that you do not need/want to attack with, as well as creatures with "when this creature attacks" triggered abilities that don't require damage to be dealt (Titans, anyone?) and which you can do nothing about since you probably can't block them. Those are some pretty big blind spots for this card, especially since the whole point of including it in a deck would be to neutralize most creatures you'd expect to see.

There are also some flavor issues for this card when you control other creatures with shadow. To some people that might not matter, but IMO it's a strike against it.
Posted By: nemokara (3/15/2012 3:14:35 PM)


I think it's also important to note that this can be useful on your own creatures as well.
1 Creatures with 'when this creature attacks and isn't blocked': Bone Dancer, Orcish Squatters, Kukemssa Pirates, Ophidian... there several creatures that would benefit non-stupidly from this, and most of them don't get to assign combat damage when activating their effects anyway. (Merchant Ship... ha!)
2 Creatures with 'when this creature attacks': here, it's creatures whose effects you'd like to get, but which might be killed afterwards, or whose effects you'd just like to guarantee each turn: Alaborn Cavalier, Cho-Arrim Bruiser, Copperhorn Scout, Annihilator effects, conceivably Geist of Saint Traft, &c.
In a deck that cared about some of the above, Temporal Isolation would serve two purposes.
Posted By: Corey_bayoudragonfly (9/12/2012 11:01:27 AM)


Probably the best pacifism ever printed?

This card is quite underrated. For 2 mana it can deal with any non-shrouded or protected beef that is coming your way.

People are all hyped up with that 2 mana pacifism that also deals with activated abilities, the Journey To Nowhere, but this card should get some credit.
Posted By: Shiizu (1/13/2010 2:32:19 PM)


Also fun to toss on your own Excruciator if your opponent has no shadow creatures...
Posted By: DerStrudelkopf (12/1/2010 10:12:39 PM)


@Tommy: It's always conditional, for example, this one can't deal with Haakon, Stromgald Scourge or Grand Arbiter Augustin IV which Journey to Nowhere can,but then again, the flash ability makes it worthwhile
Posted By: klauth (3/9/2010 1:51:21 AM)


Colossus_of_Darkstee: It's an isolation that lasts some time. It's an isolation from time.
Posted By: Shiny_Umbreon (11/6/2010 3:02:02 PM)


Not only is it an instant speed pacifism that can also deal with damage dealing abilities, but it could potentially be used on your own walls when dealing with a shadow deck!
'Cause those totally still exist.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (5/23/2012 6:39:08 AM)


It is better than o-ring or journey to nowhere because if you put it on a legend than it stops them from playing the same legend again. Also flash. I put one on an Ashling the pilgrim once, right when the guy tapped out to make it do leathal damage, prevented the damage.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/23/2010 12:05:07 AM)


Flash. It matters.
Posted By: Fictionarious (6/17/2011 1:09:59 AM)


Pretty sweet concept, same cost as path to exile and it basically does the same thing but has flash, cause with shadow, it really can't block much, and attacking is useless unless it has some other power whenever it damages a player
Posted By: Superllama12 (3/4/2011 5:34:11 PM)


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