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Gravespawn Sovereign is a zombie I have mixed feelings about. He certianly has his place in a deck, I ran two in my zombie deck back in the day and I have played with almost every zombie in magic at one time or another. This guy is a finisher if he works, but he can also easily be a dead draw.

First lets try geting a basic feel for what you are paying for with this guy. 6cmc with BlackBlack in the cost for a 3/3 zombie is below par, TheImmortalSpike argues that with four Undead Warchiefs this guy is a powerhouse totaling at 11/7 for only a cost of BlackBlack. While I can not deny that this sounds great almost every zombie will be a power house with four warchiefs. If that is how you want to use this guy consider running a soulless one instead, even without ANY other zombies on the field or in the graveyard with 4 warchiefs this guy is a 13/9 for Black.

But what makes Gravespawn Sovereign a great card is not his power/toughness. What makes his great... (see all)
Posted By: Silverware (9/28/2010 10:39:41 PM)


Serra Avatar goes back into the library alucard311 but we get your point
Posted By: Shinigami-2099 (3/13/2011 5:12:03 PM)


Try with Dralnu's Crusade and Siege-Gang Commander: With the Crusade in play, all goblins are zombies, so you can bring back siege gang for 4 more zombies which you can tap again and which will all have +1/+1.
Posted By: Ideatog (4/6/2011 11:13:11 PM)


Carnivale, gone horribly, horribly wrong.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (6/6/2011 5:52:06 PM)


Drewsal, for those of us who actually do play black and zombies (Isn't it weird that there's more than just you in this world?) this is an amazing effect. Played with Undead Warchief and Cemetery Reaper, you put out bunches of tokens and tap them when they come into play to get even more creatures. Only problem is Noxious Ghoul.
Posted By: asandberge (7/13/2011 9:15:08 AM)


Looks like a Resident Evil boss. Doesnt it?
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/24/2010 1:15:52 AM)


Quite useful, and underrated. Very viable in-block.
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (8/31/2009 12:51:41 AM)


This guy is pretty sweet. They should reprint him sometime.
Posted By: hid@n (6/15/2010 9:51:52 AM)


Best played in a mono-black, zombie heavy deck (duh).

4 Undead Warchiefs, and this guy is an 11/7 for 2B. Combine that with Corpse Harvester, and you have a quasi-infinite number of zombies flying into battle, with even the little 1/1's becoming 9/5's. Add in Call To The Grave...

One word: Unstoppable.
Posted By: TheImmortalSpike (4/19/2010 9:52:20 PM)


Lich Lord of Unx appreciates this guy offering his minions gainful employment. Mill opponent or self to find a big guy, then throw it back in their face.
Addition: Oh my, It's at instant speed. You can bring back that Emrakul yourflying deathtoucher valiantly gave its life to kill! You can grab a Progenitus milled by your Lich Lord of Unx! You can steal a Serra Avatar you just doom blade'd!
Posted By: alucard311 (1/14/2011 7:45:06 AM)