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Makes a pretty combo with Teferi's Puzzle Box and Underworld Dreams. Fun combo card, not good straight, like so many of the best cards in magic.
Posted By: Ritius (11/5/2009 9:33:53 AM)


Someone once tried to Browbeat me with this in play. I must say, it made the decision much easier ;)
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (11/22/2011 11:25:06 PM)


Curves out of Jace Beleren and into Psychosis Crawler and Consecrated Sphinx.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (6/7/2011 12:31:52 PM)


yeah i noticed that about mana vault, i wonder why wizards changed what the card does because on all prints of the real card it says the 1 damage happens at the end of upkeep.
Posted By: Megrimage (10/23/2009 7:26:55 AM)


Just watch out for necropotence :)
Posted By: mangadan (10/24/2009 3:48:07 PM)


Since its not stated, this is a very effective card if you know your opponent plays with a deck that draws alot of cards. I don't own this but there are many times I wish I did. One of my friends I play with usually plays a blue counter / discard your library deck that draws ridiculous amounts of cards. I've seen him with over 40 cards in hand during one of our group games.
Posted By: Kurhan (11/10/2009 3:04:17 PM)


- Fun with Shah of Naar Isle and all effects that read "each player draws X cards".
- also fun if you and your opponent have this card both in play :)
- also fun: every possession after the first has no drawback. you skip your draw anyway, so they really shine in multiples. or combine them with other "skip your draw step" cards.
Posted By: majinara (12/5/2009 7:11:55 PM)


Wistful thinking would be an awesome combo with this card no one mentioned, ya feel me?
Posted By: Name_Lable47 (1/17/2011 11:59:35 PM)


Jace Beleren.
Posted By: mtmills (10/19/2009 9:58:53 PM)


skipping your draw step is fun with Elfhame Sanctuary and Mana Vault.
Posted By: TheMern (9/19/2009 6:27:15 PM)