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Awesome card, considering all the Rat ninjas in Kamigawa.
Posted By: Owls_and_More_Owls (8/21/2009 4:27:11 PM)


@ Mode: I disagree. There's a LOT of really good rats out there, even if you discount the Legendary ones from Kamigawa (though why would you?) Even if you're just pulling out a big pile of Relentless Rats so as to watch them get bigger and bigger, there's enough common ones like Gnat Misers and Locust Misers to really spoil your opponents' day. Ratcatcher also targets Changelings which have their own fun things to do, too.

It certainly helps that most rats are disgusting cheap, of course. A 4/4 for 6 mana that lets you pick any creature you like from your tribal deck every turn is pretty good value, I think.
Posted By: DarkbladeWraith (11/23/2009 10:33:59 AM)


The card itself isn't bad to begin with 6 CMC for a Non-Legendary Creature (so you can have more than one) of 4/4 that has Fear and Draws Rats out of the Library?
Making him a Rat is just asking for TOO much; that's where your deck creating thinking skills have to come in ;)
Posted By: AXER (12/18/2009 12:52:16 AM)


According to gatherer there are 45 rats the 46th is a pi(rat)e
Posted By: Dragon5911 (8/29/2011 7:45:04 AM)


Fetch Chittering Rats 4 turns in a row and let me know how bad of a tribe rats are. Or pull out Nezumi Shortfang. Or do any of a number of griefer type discard related shenanigans while this beats your opponent to death.
Posted By: Dragon_Nut (4/2/2011 10:48:51 AM)


I want to search for changelings!
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (2/2/2013 8:48:15 AM)


this guy seems great if you look at him abstractly. You gat an extra card a turn, and thats from a repeatable search. That is attached to a 4/4 body with fear.

Even if rat is not a very powerful tribe this guy gives them very powerful utility.
Posted By: Gezus82 (6/6/2010 6:11:59 PM)


Better Caves and Ogres Cookbook suggests that you vigorously tenderize the rats before going into the stew.
Posted By: liir007 (8/14/2009 4:38:53 PM)


didn't they when creating this card consider to make this creature itself a rat, or to put the rat cards directly into play? i don't remember which of these two was the case, but either of them would have been nice as well in my opinion, since "rat" isn't a very powerful tribal type anyways...
Posted By: Mode (8/18/2009 11:28:47 AM)


Add Conspiracy and you have a nice little tute engine going.
Posted By: Doowyeh (12/31/2011 3:20:56 PM)