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Cytoshape targeting one of your opponent's creatures (if they don't have one, Beast Within one of their lands) turning it into a copy of your own Mirror-Mad Phantasm. Then play a Mind control or something of the like, activate its ability, they die during their draw step.

^^ Most convoluted way to win.
Posted By: pedrodyl (12/5/2011 11:34:54 AM)


Great way to send a Blightsteel Colossus to the graveyard while getting around its replacement effect.

A decent card in the hands of the average player. A terrific card in the hands of a great player.
Posted By: YawgmothsWish (2/23/2012 11:35:54 PM)


Absolutely destructive card in the simic. Though many don't realize this, it is one of the only kill spells found in green/blue. Though not always effective, namely when the opponent has buffs on the field or counters on their creatures, this card can turn something into a 0/0 graft creature with no counters on it, instantly destroying it. This is an add-on to the normal effect of the card, which can work much like Snakeform or turn a small 1/1 into a powerhouse for a turn.
Posted By: Nantuko_Primus (6/8/2009 11:52:04 AM)


Swing with an evasive creature, turn it into their massive fatty.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (10/8/2010 6:23:09 PM)


be sure to always have a creature on play. If your opponent decides to hardcast some overpowered creature, use this to make your creature the same as the overpowered creature and get to attack first :D

Too bad the most overpowered of the creatures *cough*emrakul*cough* are mostly legendary.
Posted By: Daikoru (8/20/2010 9:20:50 AM)


Plated Slagwurm.
Posted By: John-Bender (12/4/2009 5:27:50 PM)


Versitle. This is a tricky and rewarding card.
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (9/4/2010 7:32:10 PM)


the only card that makes a graft deck have a chance of winning, imo.
Posted By: wolfbear2 (12/9/2009 7:13:34 PM)


It's fantastic for many reasons, but I love that it gets around shroud by using the word "choose" instead of "target." You can protect an important utility creature by giving it shroud, and pump it at the same time (Simic Sky Swallower, Sphinx of Jwar Isle).

Also, I love turning my +1/+1 counter-stacked Lorescale Coatl into a Hydra Omnivore when it goes unblocked in multiplayer.
Posted By: Discoduck (10/6/2011 8:27:18 PM)


Fun card. Apart from the more complicated combos, it's useful to:
- kill creatures, by turning them into 0/0 creatures (such as spikes or graft creatures), which also gets red of indestructible ones or regenerators
- kill creatures, simply by casting cytoshape on them after they receive some combat damage but survived, turning them into a creature with lower toughness
- prevent "die" or "leave play" abilities from triggering (for example, when your opponent got a sundering titan in play, and you want to make sure that it doesn't trigger again when it dies)
- turning your creatures into surprise blockers or attackers, by turning them into some large flyers or whatever else is around
- or simply turn a creature of yours into the best creature on the board for a while
Posted By: majinara (3/18/2013 4:14:50 AM)


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