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@ScissorsLizard: Compare this card to to others within it's family, namely Paralyzing Grasp. Without the Forecast ability they'd on par with one another in terms of CMC and effect. However this one has the means to shut down creatures all on its own for a cost of 5 mana.

Unlike Paralyzing Grasp, this card can tap down an opponent's blocker and then be used on one of the creatures he used to attack you the turn before, leaving him with less to do on his next turn and you with a chance to get some extra damage in.

Posted By: Talcos (10/23/2010 2:58:07 PM)


There's definitely better ways to lock out your opponent. Curse of chains for instance, if you're sticking with U/W. But this does give you the option to tap enemy creatures without losing a card, so if you've got some combo going with tapping their creatures, could work well. 3.5/5
Posted By: Creyn (3/19/2010 8:27:03 AM)


Would be better if it could tap the creature on your opponent's turn to prevent it from attacking. Since you can only forecast on your upkeep, the forecast ability is basically reduced to tapping out defenders- not a big bonus for the defense-heavy Azorius.

You could, of course, pay {1}{W{W}{U}{U} to tap the creature then enchant it, but that's a little expensive for my taste.

@Talcos: That's a good point. This card is on the right mana curve even without the forecast ability.

Untap-stopping cards like this one have an advantage over Pacifism-like cards in that they'll stop creatures with tapping abilities, but a disadvantage if the opponent can untap their creatures in another way.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (5/25/2011 10:02:20 PM)


This could be quite nice combined with Ajani Vengeant.
Posted By: lorendorky (6/12/2011 12:49:00 AM)


I just like the idea of throwing birds at someone to incapacitate them.

*flap flap flap*
Posted By: Mr.Wimples (7/31/2011 11:41:45 PM)


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